The New Chandler Project (rearchitecture)

Chandler is a PIM, with support for notes, reminders, events, and the concept of triage.

Chandler is also a platform for building a PIM. Chandler aims to allow application builders to build different PIMs by reusing different pieces of Chandler.

Core Chandler Sub-Projects


The basic unit of data in Chandler is an Item. The Platform project provides tools for building applications that create and extend Items.


Chandler application-specific code.

XXX This is a catch-all project for now; as it grows we will likely
split it into separate projects, perhaps e.g. Chandler-PIM, Chandler-wx, etc.


Tools for developing and debugging Chandler. For the moment, this containts a PyShell window you can use for debugging.


Because Chandler makes extensive use of entry points, any entry points used should be documented in Hooks.txt.


Each Chandler Sub-Project should have a README.txt, a collection of test_*.py tests, and a which runs all tests and doctests all .txt files.